MARQUE is a private company dedicated to design strategies and tools which facilitate internal and external communication, by applying new technologies, internet and multimedia solutions adapted to their clients’ necessities. We have been awarded the CLUSTERTIC 2010 “Most Innovative IT Firm Award”.

MARQUE specializes in social networking in order to build collective knowledge through the digital identity. Social networks materialize direct links between members. These social networks will create a large network in which each of its members will be connected to all the other participants. We know how to create social networks and relationships that make ties with people who share the same interests, concerns and needs, maintaining a constant update of contacts. Thus, social networks allow us to give credit to our project among the real people that we provide an authentic voice in which to trust. MARQUE understands social networking as a great real-time dialogue.

MARQUE has explored these fields:

• Niche Networks

• Global Networks

• Educational and training platforms

• Wikis

• Forums

• Blogs

• Social Applications

MARQUE will identify who are the agencies and institutions interested in our project as it has proven for many years relative work in the areas of Online Campaigns, Campaigns crossmedia, Special actions of communication and marketing, Positioning SEO SEM.